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A new investment in the packaging waste collection and recycling market

The brothers Dragoș and Adrian Pavăl (owners of Dedeman) enter the market for the collection and recycling of packaging waste through the company Ecorep Group in association with SIF Banat-Crișana and Somplast Năsăud.

Ecorep Group will have as activity the collection and recycling of recyclable waste, but also the transfer of responsibility for packaging waste, thus joining the 13 OIREPs licensed by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests.

The company is the result of the acquisition by Dedeman’s owners of 17% of the share capital of Vrancart Adjud, the producer of toilet paper and corrugated cardboard, in 2019, through a transaction of 27.5 million lei.

Dedeman, is the largest Romanian entrepreneurial company, with a turnover of 8.2 million lei in 2019, and this investment highlights the evolution of the OIREP market.

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