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Forecasts for 2021 on the recycling market in Romania

With only 10 years of experience in Romania, the recycling market will register a significant increase this year, due to the new EU regulations. Thus, for the paper and corrugated market the expectations are even higher as last year’s decline was only 1%.

After a decrease in activity recorded in 2020, companies in the recycling segment expect an evolution determined by the new rules established by the current economy, but also by the investments in recent years of companies in the field, in terms of equipment with new technical equipment and increasing the capacity of existing collection points.

Thus, the recycling market in Romania is in full development both in terms of investments in new technologies and in terms of reaching new financial shares.

Source: https://www.profit.ro/povesti-cu-profit/financiar/piata-de-capital/vrancart-inchide-cercul-reciclarii-am-incercat-sa-acoperim-zonal-toata-tara-combustibili- of-waste-boiler-to-adjudge-and-proverbial-toilet-paper-19870731

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