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11 million euro upgrades to the paper industry

An investment of 11 million euros in the paper and corrugated board manufacturing industry has been announced.

In the next two years, the paper factory in Zărnești will go through a modernization process, having the main points: the sewerage system, the anaerobic reactor, the incinerator and the technological water treatment plant.

The investment comes as a result toward the population’s complaints which came together with non-governmental organizations and the local administration in Zărnești regarding the environmental problems generated by the factory’s activity.

Thus, the modernizations aim to reduce the consumption of gas and fresh water, meaning a reduction of the carbon dioxide footprint by up to 20% per year and in the same time, aiming towards an up to 60% reduction of the amount of technological waste.

The efficiency plan of the operations extends over a period of at least two years and the final implementation schedule will be established depending on the period required for the issuance of approvals from authorities.

The paper factory in Zărnești was purchased in 2018 by the British from DS Smith, following a transaction worth 208 million euros. Currently, it provides the necessary amount of paper for almost 50% of the local market, being the largest unit of packaging paper for the packaging industry in Romania.

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