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11 million euro upgrades to the paper industry

An investment of 11 million euros in the paper and corrugated board manufacturing industry has been announced. In the next two years, the paper factory in Zărnești will go through a modernization process, having the main points: the sewerage system, the anaerobic reactor, the incinerator and the technological water treatment plant. The investment comes as


Forecasts for 2021 on the recycling market in Romania

With only 10 years of experience in Romania, the recycling market will register a significant increase this year, due to the new EU regulations. Thus, for the paper and corrugated market the expectations are even higher as last year’s decline was only 1%. After a decrease in activity recorded in 2020, companies in the recycling

Massive investments on the Romanian recycling market

Vrancart Adjud is investing 17 million euros in opening 6 new business lines on its industrial platform. The company has the largest network of collection centers in the country with 20 functional centers in 17 cities. Taking into account this new investment, Vrancart becomes the most important company in the field of recycling, expanding its


A new investment in the packaging waste collection and recycling market

The brothers Dragoș and Adrian Pavăl (owners of Dedeman) enter the market for the collection and recycling of packaging waste through the company Ecorep Group in association with SIF Banat-Crișana and Somplast Năsăud. Ecorep Group will have as activity the collection and recycling of recyclable waste, but also the transfer of responsibility for packaging waste,