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Corrugated Cardboard Industry

I. In Romania

The corrugated cardboard industry in Romania brings together paper manufacturers, corrugated cardboard manufacturers, corrugated packaging manufacturers,  industry associations (ROMPAP, APRA, APACOR, etc.), as well as consulting and trade companies for this specific business sector.

The two largest producers of corrugated paper in Romania are: Vrancart SA and DS Smith.

Vrancart SA – In 1992 Combinatul de Celuloză și Hârtie Vrancea became a joint stock company: Vrancart SA. With the largest network of paper and cardboard waste collection centers, and the most advanced recycling facilities, Vrancart becomes one of the leading paper manufacturers nationwide. Having a turnover of  57,3 million Euros registered in the fiscal year of 2020.  Vrancart is the most important national supplier of corrugated paper and cardboard for both the manufacturers of corrugated cardboard and for those of corrugated packaging.

DS Smith Group – In 2018, the British group DS Smith PLC acquired the paper factory in Zărnești and the corrugated cardboard factory in Ghimbav: namely Ecopaper SA and respectively Ecopack SA, following a transaction worth 208 million Euros. The two companies become: DS Smith Paper Zarnesti SRL and DS Smith Packaging Ghimbav SRL.
DS Smith Packaging Ghimbav SRL and DS Smith Packaging Romania SRL, registered together with the cumulated turnover of 53 million Euros in the fiscal year 2020.

With a total of 1,515 employees, the two companies registered in 2020 a net profit of 8.4 million Euros.

The second structural level of the industry is represented by the manufacturers of corrugated cardboard and of corrugated cardboard packaging. 

  1. Vrancart SA
  2. Rondocarton SRL
  3. Romcarton SA
  4. DS Smith Romania SRL
  5. Dunapack Rambo ProdImpex SRL
  6. VPK Packaging SRL
  7. Thimm Packaging SRL
  8. DS Smith Ghimbav SRL
  9. Pentarom SRL
  10. Lema Carton
  11. Europa Express SRL

The eleven companies  mentioned register cumulatively a turnover of 300.5 million Euros and a net profit of 22 million Euros, having an average number of 2,410 employees.

The third level, and the most dynamic, is represented by the manufacturers of corrugated packaging. The number representing this category has evolved exponentially, from tens of producers to several thousand in the last 30 years. Of the total product of the corrugated board manufacturer, 34% is bought by the manufacturer and transformed into boxes and other packaging with different sizes.

CA 2020 > 1 mil Euro

CA 2020 < 1 mil Euro


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II. In Europe

The integration of computers into the production system has revolutionized the industry by making possible the continuous functioning, with fewer and shorter shutdowns of machines. Their impact was also considerable on the design of the packaging and the part of processing orders.

Over the last decade, new printing techniques have been responsible for the most important developments. Changing the role of packaging from logistics to marketing has brought the necessary improvements in terms of the quality of graphics cards printed on corrugated packaging.

The three largest producers of paper and corrugated board in Europe are:

Smurfit Kappa Group

DS Smith PLC

Klingele Papierwerke GmbH and Co.KG

The three companies recorded in 2020 a turnover of 17.2189 billion Euros.

In Europe, the production of the corrugated board industry is about 49.4 billion m2 per year; representing an area the size of Switzerland or Denmark,

40% of corrugated packaging is used to protect food and helps to minimize waste.


mil of m²







III. Globaly

According to the report Corrugated Board Packaging Market – Size, Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2019 – 2024), the global corrugated packaging market will reach in 2624 a value of 266.2 billion Euros.

The compound annual growth rate, RCCA, will register a value of 4.41% in the forecast period 2019-2024. According to the study conducted by Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), increasing consumer awareness and new regulations on environmental protection, encourages the use of environmentally friendly packaging products, leading to the growth of the corrugated packaging market.

The largest manufacturers of corrugated packaging worldwide are:

Nippon Paper Industries LtdJapan9,451 billions USD

International Paper CompanyUSA20,6 billions USD

WestRock CompanyUSA14,860 millions USD

Oji Holdings CorporationJapan13,717 millions  USD

Smurfit Kappa GroupIreland8,530 millions EUR

Packaging Corporation of AmericaUSA – 6,7 millions USD

Mondi GroupUK6,663 millions EUR

DS Smith PLCUK5,98 millions GBP

Sealed Air CorporationUSA4,9 millions USD

Cascades Inc. Canada – 1,5 billions USD

Klabin SABrazil 3,292 billions USD

Klingele Papierwerke GmbH and Co.KGGermany – 2,7089 billions EUR

Rengo Co. LtdJapan680 millions USD

Georgia-Pacific LLCUSA436 millions USD