• Asociația Producătorilor de Ambalaje din Carton Ondulat din România
  • +40 799 751 751
  • office@apacor.ro


The purpose of the association is to provide its members with services and facilities that are available and can be coordinated more effectively through an organization, services and facilities that the members of the association would not benefit from outside of the association.

The main objective of the Association is also to help develop the corrugated board industry, its sustainability and competitiveness.

APACOR's Objectives

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  • Favoring the increased use of corrugated cardboard in areas of interest.
  • Maximizing the profitability of using corrugated cardboard in areas of interest.
  • Obtaining facilities in relation to cardboard companies, in terms of payment terms, execution terms, price.
  • Ensuring a flow of news regarding news in the field, by providing information about corrugated products, issues, available services, resources.
  • Gathering and providing information with statistics and forecasts on the corrugated board industry.
  • Coordination of joint actions on issues of interest to members of the association.
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APACOR is establishing itself as an important pillar in the development of the cardboard industry.

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The association will develop the profile market, both in terms of quantity and quality.